Welcome to The Hoofstamp LLC! My name is Ken and I am the owner and notary public. I graduated from Mohawk High School in 2022 and I am 19 years old. My passion for notary work stems from my interest in starting a career as a lawyer. I am currently pursuing a B.A. in Economics at Penn State, and plan on attending law school upon graduation. I am constantly expanding my skills, interests and experiences. The purpose of this website is to introduce you to my business and the services that I offer. I am dedicated to providing high-quality, professional and efficient notary services to my customers. Whether you need notary services for personal or business matters, I am here to help. My services include: Title & Tag processing, Signing Services (for loans and real estate documents), and mobile notary services. My goal is to become your go-to notary. Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to working with you soon.